Is it possible for a quieter/inexperienced guy to get cold feet to meet a woman online that he views "out of his league"?

Like say she's a complete babe, looks like she could have almost any guy and her personality is attractive too, and they both click. Maybe the guy rarely meets or talks to women and he is shy and inexperienced... Visually he could be a 5/10, he isn't used to women after him. Hence why he's on an online dating site. Would he rather just not bother and meet the woman out of fear of rejection or nervousness?

Is there anything the woman can do to make it happen? Will he eventually come around if he's interested enough?

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  • Not likely
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  • Certainly. Few men aren't scared that they aren't good enough for their partner. Our sexual libido and penis are a DIRECT measure of our manliness. It's a similar thing with breast size, but to an entirely higher degree.

    • Well what can the woman do? Nothing? I mean if a guy just won't meet, then what's there left to do

    • If they assure the man that it's fine, then it might be good.

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  • You pretty much described me, though maybe I'm a 6...7 if I lost weight. I'd definitely get cold feet in that situation. Heck, I wouldn't have talked to her in the first place.

    • Even if she kept initiating and wanted to?

    • Probably.

    • Well what would it take to actually get to meet you?

  • Yes, it's possible


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