Have any of you ever heard of a hackathon?

If you have, would you or did you go?


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  • Never heard of it. Google claims it's where programmers gather together to collaborate on a project. Maybe they can help me find the missing semicolon?
    I prefer to work alone even though I could use the extra knowledge.

    • Oh you've never been to one? They're really fun and I learned a lot from going to them. You only get like 12 to 48 hours to collab with others and come up with something from scratch so that's why I really enjoy them.

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    • Alrighty, thanks for clearing things up

    • No prob man

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  • I haven't heard of that but my boyfriend probably has. :D

    Sure I would go to one once I knew more about programming.

    • Yeah I def recommend it. I've brought non-programming friends to one actually and they partnered with this guy who's been programming since he was 10 so they actually ended up beating my team lol.

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  • No, I have never heard of that. What's that anyways?

    • It's like this event where programmers get together and make something from scratch. There's very little sleep but lots of snacks and free shit to get you through the night (or nights). Short ones are 12 hours and the longest one I've ever seen was 48 hours. You can sleep anytime you want to but I'm usually too busy hanging with people or programming.

    • Ok, thanks for the explanation.

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