Is My Septum Pierced Wrong?

My septum piercing is nearly 3 months old and the tip of the nose hurts when I push down on it but only on the left side, the right side feels perfectly fine. Also, when I was getting is done she was struggling to get the jewellery in so she just jammed it through saying there "was going to be a loud crack" and there was on the same side as my current pain, so I think that was her pushing the jewellery through my cartilage. Since other than that side of the tip hurting, it feels healed up. If I get it looked at by a piercer to see if its wrong should I get them to re-pierce it through a different angle where it doesn't hit any cartilage or would I just let it heal up with the placement as it is?


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  • It's definitely pierced wrong I don't remember anything like that happening with me. Go see a more experienced piercer a mistake was definitely made.

  • The side the needle came out of is going to hurt for a while longer than the other side. Clean it with warm salt water a few times a day and make sure to move the jewelry around