Why does love hurt? Advice?

No guy has ever wanted to date me while I was growing up because I was ugly but now that I am an adult all of the guys want to date me but it is only for sex. I am dating a guy right now we have been seeing each other for 4 months he is int he military and overseas right now and will be back in 3 months. I really like him and since this is my first actual relationship with a guy I am having a bunch of anxiety and jealously. I thought he was another guy after sex but he wasn't. He is trying to make something stable in is life since he is only stationed where I live and nothing for him is permanent. It seemed like life did not want us together because we would always make plans to hang out but nothing worked he did not care how much time we had to spend together as long as he was able to see my face and make sure I still wanted to be with him. I really like him and he told me that when he came back we were going to be in an actual relationship together because he wanted to start a life with me. Since he has been gone we have not communicated much because we both do not have phones so we use our tablets to talk on tinder and the app sucks and we both are very busy all of the time. If I send him a message he will reply in 3 weeks. The last thing he asked if I still wanted to be with him when he got back 4 weeks ago and I told him yes. Now I am scared that he does not want to be with me when he comes back because we have not talked for 4 weeks and maybe he thinks that I do not want to talk to him anymore since I did not respond or he does not like me anymore and he has moved on to another girl and forgotten about me. This whole waiting until he comes back thing is driving me insane I can't sleep because I am thinking of why he has not contacted me Advice? What if he is lying about this whole thing.


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  • If you think he's worth it, wait. Try to soothe yourself. Just try to make it until he comes back.

  • Just leave

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