How to reach Happiness?

I've been going through a lot I just graduated had my first relationship end abruptly and really bad also on top of that my mom kicked me out With no where to go. sometimes I cry out of nowhere when I'm all alone and it hits me from out if nowhere. I try to hide it all the time but inside I'm dying and I don't know why I'm living. I have no one to go to or talk to about anything and I want to know how to be happy with myself.


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  • You should start to get a structure in your life. First thing would be to fix the relationship towards your family and or to find a place to live. Then u can start thinking about the friends and relationship stuff

  • You have time to browse around gag when you need to get your life in check? Good lord...

    • Um no correction I have my life in check I'm just unhappy that's all.

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