Girls, How to do a plan pregnancy?

So I have moved in with my fiance for 2 months. I've been trying to get pregnant but all I get is negative results and I get disappointed. I'm with the love of my life, my soul mate we are 16 years apparently. I have my fashion career established and we are so ready to become parents but no mattorney how hard we try no baby at this point we both do not care about the gender we just want a child of our own. I am not on birth control , we are having unprotected sex still no baby on the way. I have tough about adoption but my fiance won't consider it he wants our child to have our genes. So experienced momma's what things do I need to do for a planed pregnancy am I doing something wrong that it's avoiding me to get pregnant? Do I need to take prenatal? What doctor do I need to go see? Do I need to get on a treatment to be hable to get pregnant?


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  • Go see your ob/gyn for a start. If you've only been tryign for two months that's really not that long, but your ob/gyn can help determine if there are issues and if not they can help you do the right things to help speed things along. Good Luck!


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  • Have you tried an ovulation test? I know a couple girls who had no luck for a while and then got pregnant immediately after using that test.

    • No I have not tried doing a ovulation test will that help?

    • It just tells you what day you release your egg. Like they say you're supposed to ovulate on Day 14 of your cycle (so right in between two periods), but my one friend took the test and it said she ovulates on Day 20 for some reason. So it gave her a better idea on when she should be having sex.

  • And my fiance and I are in exactly the same situation as you, except we have been trying all year.
    Believe you me, I know precisely how you are feeling.
    Sending you Love, Hugs and the very, very Best of Luck. <3 xxx

    • Thank you and it get's to the point to were you don't want to see the result on the pregnancy test you feel devastated , hope one day you and your fiance will one day get your cute little bundle of joy .

    • Sadly I've not even had the need to do any HPT's :(
      And thank you so much for your very warm and lovely wishes, naturally we wish the very same to you. xxx