Would you sell something you want for something you need?

My scenario...

Okay so I'm a musician and I have quite a bit of gear (I've got more than $10000+ tied up in it) and some of that equipment is custom made.

Anyway what I built and what I have is no longer feasible (my setup is too big, loud, complicated, and heavy for typical venues and bars/clubs) and the idea I have is unrealistic at this point in time and feeling undesirable.

I like what I have but I've been falling out of love with it and have been wanting something else, I could always make changes to what I got but I feel like what I "need" is something smaller with a different sound.

So would you sell what you want/have for what you need?

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  • can you keep what you got and get other stuff or is that redundant?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • You already said you're falling out of love with what you currently have. You know you want something different. Seems like the best option here is to sell older items, so you can purchase new things that will better fit your vision.

    • One of the issues is I could make some changes to stuff I have or save up for something entirely different.

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    • So I put an order on some parts yesterday to make changes to what I got... I'll make an assessment on everything once I get the parts then give it a few weeks to get use to the changes.

      If I'm not satisfied I'll sell anything that doesn't fit into these two categories 1 do I have use for it right now/does it do what I want 2 is it portable/can I move it by myself.

      Just trying to simplify I guess. But thanks for your 2 cents.

    • Makes sense. You'll figure it all out, and you're welcome. :)

Most Helpful Guy

  • Wait, how can I sell something I want? If I want it, doesn't that mean I don't have it to begin with?

    • Want and need are different... I guess I could have worded it - would you keep something that you like when you need something else?

    • Oh, that makes much more sense. And no. If I need it, it means to me, it's a necessity for me to live, so I'd gladly take that and give away the thing I 'like'

    • I guess when it comes to with music is I need something that suits my style and that I can preform live with... Because what I got now is too big, loud and aggressive for my taste and the type of places I could preform at.

      I think I should make changes, simplify and look for alternatives.

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What Girls Said 1

  • I do it all the time and in fact about to do so in a day or so. My rent is past due so I gotta pay it and my check isn't enough to even cover the rent so I'm gonna find anything I can to try and sell it to make money so I'm able to have food for the next 2 weeks and gas to get to work. If I don't sell anything I don't get food and won't get to work and sorta need those things


What Guys Said 1

  • id say yes