What's happening to me? Can anyone help. ( I will really appreciate it)?

There's a guy. whenever i see him , i feel angry. But i want to see him.
in crowd i can spot him easily. Even though there are so many known faces. when i go to college , i hope/want to see him. but when i see him , i feel irritated. when he is around , i can't keep my eyes off him.
thanks in advance.


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  • The way you are describing this there can only be two possibilities. Anger can be a result of either hatred or love.

    Means you can feel angry at that person because they did something, they are so annoying, judgmental, arrogant with you and with others that you actually dislike the very sight of that person. Hence you want to see that person because you want to take the anger out with that person but you actually won't do it. Somehow seeing him and getting angry gives you some sort of satisfaction and happiness even though you are not doing anything. It's strange but it's true it can happen like that.

    Now this anger can also be a result of you falling in love with him, I mean not all love stories start with love, there are some love stories that initially starts with hatred, anger and all the negative feelings but then later on even though you may feel angry with that person but you start liking that person and then it slowly turns into love.

    Hence these are the two reasons I can think off.

    • i don't hate him or something.
      my friends think that i like him.
      sometimes i think too but why then i am angry?
      i dont get it.
      i know that i shouldn't like him , i don't want to.

    • I don't know the exact reason, I only put out 2 logical possibilities that made sense to me. Emotions and feelings are really strange, they are weird no doubt.

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  • Very very interesting, indeed.

    Hmm can I ask you something: how does he feel towards you? Like how does he act? Do you think he likes you?

    I think I may be able to offer more insight if I understand how the situation is playing out from his end too

    • i don't really know.
      He is nice sometimes , sometimes rude ( though i am rude to him too).
      we haven't talked in a while ( because i left the ngo we used to work together) and he is super busy. so am i.
      But he will always make fun of me. we fought because of that. He is not a talkative person. but he makes fun of me all the time. whenever i wear anything funky ( he has zero sense of fashion) , he will comment that i look pathetic. He can mean but nice.
      i don't know honestly :(

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    • ok.
      i will try that.
      Thanks :)

    • no problem :)

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  • Sounds like you are into him but are pissed he doesn't feel the same way

  • Why are you ANGRY? Are you jealous of something?

  • You're attracted to bad boys. It's normal for girls to be attracted to bad alpha boys

    • yeah may be.
      i won't say he is that bad though.

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