How to have patience with someone who doesn't speak proper English?

So basically Im in a position where I'm trying to teach this guy English, he isn't horrible at it but I don't know how to ask him what he needs to know, he's very vague with the topics. I'm trying hard to have patience and still be a good person to him, it's hard because I can't say certain things to him because he won't understand. When we talk I can't make jokes cause he won't get them. Learning English is a long process and I don't know how long I can handle being a teacher and a girlfriend


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  • Lol he's having a hard time getting what you can mean. Give him time, and get used to it. Still, do jokes and explain them.

    • I do but I really just want a conversation with someone who can speak fluently. He also can barely speak his mind so half the time I have no idea what he's thinking or wants. It's just hard because I'm used to people responding to my metaphors and what not.

    • Well if you want to communicate prefer initiating talks with native speakers or those that master English in general. Give him time to learn the language meanwhile.

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  • I would actually recommend watching youtube videos..
    Depending on what level of learning English he is at you could try lyric videos, or kids education shows.
    Use accents, and try to get him to mimic you so that how his sounds come out changes. This will make it easier to pronounce English words.
    Walk around the building and ask him to tell you what things are in his language, then in yours.
    Walk the streets, supermarket aisles, department stores, etc. And do the same as before.
    Even ordering food you can do that.
    Read books in English and ask him to read to you...
    Get creative. Learning a language isn't about pens and paper or flashcards etc., its about practical experiences, about enjoying yourself, forgetting that you are actually learning. Even if he still can't spell things properly, if he can say ot and he knows what it is, he will get there..
    Hope this helps!! :)


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