Will boys ever be mean to a beautiful girl?

I used to think I was pretty. Beautiful even.

I'm Indian by the way. Not that I exactly look it. Stayed long enough in a foreign country to act like I'm just another person living there. And my features (fair skin) make me look less ethnic.

However, lately I've been feeling like I'm not that pretty or beautiful. If I was, why are some guys mean to me. Like I messaged one and he didn't even reply properly.


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  • Most men overseas consider Indian women 'exotic' or something, and are also under the impression that Indian girls can be loyal and faithful (which is not true, because being loyal is not dependent on ethnicity).

    You not looking Indian, may actually be working against you here. Just my 2 cents.

    • Hmm.

      I look middle-easternish. So I still do look ethnic just not typically Indian if that makes sense

    • Well... I wouldn't know. I see plenty of Indian woman - other race man on a regular basis (usually white, but sometimes Asian or black), but an Indian man - other race woman pair is so hard to spot.

  • those guys are called "jerks" so why be around them? when there are nice guys out there.
    other reasons could be:
    -you dont show or tell them your interests and desires.
    -you expect them to do everything
    -your too picky
    -you think guys have to be or do something they are not.

  • Guys are sometimes mean if they think they don't have a chance.


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