What does "pay off" mean?

Please help me to understand it. I even don't know what off means , and also i still couldn't figure out how the word pay and the word off can be used together. I am not even sure if my sentences are gramatically correct or not. I hope you 'll understand me just fine and help me :)


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  • Pay off means that doing an act gets a reward. Example hardwork pays off meaning that working hard comes with rewards.

    • Hey girl if you can explain me why we use "pay" with the word "off" i will appreciate you. i am sorry it is really hard to understand for someone who speaks my language

    • We use pay to show that someone put work into something-their time and labor. Off means that what they put in is released to them in a form of money or other rewards.

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  • "I didn't pay off my student loans".

    It means the person didn't pay.

    • Then why dont we just say 'i didn't pay my student loans' ? Why do we use pay and off together?

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    • Oh i've just realized your profile pic after i 've read your last example 😄😄

    • Lol oh dear

  • Depends on how it's used.

  • Well a great example... Comey got paid off not to prosecute Hillary. Or Hillary paid off Bernie to endorse her.

    • I don't understand what happens to Comey when he gets paid off

    • He gets money or is promised job security.

    • Why do we use the word pay with the word off there? Do you know this? I am sorry if my question is silly i just try to understand this language

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