If you're not doing well in Math because of lack of effort, does that mean you are not good at it?

It's an interesting question, because I remember in high school, I would find math boring if I didn't have the right teacher.

I still do. I mean it IS boring to sit there and do tonnes of problems.

However, given appropriate amount of time and encouragement, I would do fine. Not well. Just fine.

It did make me wonder, do the people who do well in math just have more drive/motivation, or do they find it so enjoyable that they actually like it?


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  • I think being good at math comes naturally to some people, while others simply can't do it, irrespective of efforts.

    I was never terrible at math, but when it came to even slightly advanced concepts/calculations, my mind would simply stop working. If I tried harder, I would end up with a terrible headache.

    I'm so glad I can choose to stay away from math now. That was one heartless bitch! :P


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  • If you have to put a lot of effort into it just to do fine, then yes, I'd say so. Not to say that necessarily means you're bad at it but that you may just be average at it.

    Even with just minimal effort, I always did very well in Math. I was able to understand and apply the concepts easily and just made sure to write down the necessary formulas and a couple of sample problems for later reviewing - sometimes didn't even listen in class and just analyzed my notes at home to understand how it all worked, and that was enough. And yes, I liked it. I liked it so much that I used to go on Yahoo Answers to answer all the Math questions I could find there. 🙈

    • Ha ha that's liking it to a whole different level (the yahoo answers part).

      I think because my strength was in English which looks at the holistic part of things, Math seemed to be a very alien subject for me, which focuses on one right answer.

      Sometimes I just wasn't that into the material, however with good teachers I did take an interest in it enough to do okay, maybe even well.

      But for me it was always about taking the course and finishing the credit. I never had any kind of passion towards it at all.

    • Yeah, completely forgot about it until now. What a pastime. 🙈

      Huh, I never really thought of the two as opposites. I just didn't like memorizing random names and dates and places and stuff like that, because, well, they were random. They didn't have situations or contexts or anything about them to analyze unlike in English and Math; they were just as they were, if that makes sense. X)

      Yeah, how good or bad the teacher is really does make a difference. I hate it when they talk as though you already know the material, not explaining the fundamentals, when you're clearly just starting out. =.=

      What did you feel passionate about then? English?

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  • I quit high school because I could not pass algebra. I've never regretted it

  • Anyone can do math. Just depends on if you're a hard enough worker and can swallow you pride enough to get help. In college math tutoring is free. I've been in 4 different calculus classes and haven't had much issue.


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  • You just pretty much answered your own question.
    Lack of effort means you simply put nothing into it.
    No one is ever naturally good at anything, it takes time, dedication and practice.
    It doesn't necessarily mean you are bad at it.

    Being bad at something is... trying to do it over and over and still getting it wrong.

  • No Matter the Math Teacher... I never did Best from the Rest. But I at least Passed this here, dear.
    With a Strict Straw Boss mom and All... It was never that fun for me and All. And yes, Hun... BORING. But Mom Made sure I was on my Toes.
    Good luck and Great question. xx

  • No, it depends on who's teaching the material. I had transferred high schools and my math grades went up by 70% which is way better than the grades I received. And the teacher took the time to explain the material to me.

  • No, it means you're not putting in the effort to have the chance to be good at it.

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