How do I fix this? Is there even a point?

When I was in University I was super-frustrated. I was doing badly after some personal issues and that bothered me because I was not a dumb girl.

Not that I had a right to treat others badly because of it, but of course I did. I wasn't mean, but I wasn't nice either.

Now it's over and I feel awful. No friends. Alone. Everyone's happy and enjoying. I don't want to be cut-off forever I mean of course everyone's going into their own life. But I don't want to be isolated.


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  • I can relate with that. If you're looking for a friend, for someone to talk to and share a few moments of happiness with to get away from all the isolation you feel closing in around you, I'm here for you. PM?


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  • U find new friends lol. Sometime u got to move on and cut plp off. PLp do it all the time. It is a part of growing up. That is what I did Freshmen year of HS. The sophomore year made new friends.


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  • Bitch i don't fuck with you!!! You need to find some new friends

  • Have you apologized

    • I'm not sure how to.

      I mean... there are going to be some people who no longer care. A lot of my classmates have still not graduated and will graduate after the summer.

      The others, it's not like we were particularly close for me to try and strike up a conversation and say I'm sorry. Moreover, it's more complicated because the women have been not very nice to me and I don't really care about them.

      It's the guys I feel a little awkward around because of my behaviour. But I can't really apologize to them because they'll think well she's interested in me.

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  • if any friend u had was anything like the ones on here, you dont need 'em.

    • I didn't have any real friends. Just acquaintances. I don't expect to see the acquaintances much.

      Also it's complicated because for some reason it's all the guys I got attached to.

      They may not even care that much about why I behaved the way I did at least not anymore. And even if I try to talk to them now, the natural reaction would be negative. Example: she's interested in me, she gets attached to people, can't move on etc.

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    • By that I mean, sometimes women can be awful to other women if they think they are 'above' them or there's a difference in status etc. Guys are more accepting of people from different backgrounds.

      I noticed this in University too. If I'm working with someone on a project it's not an ego thing with the guys and they're usually nice too. But with the women, it's always about I'm better than you or I'm smarter than you etc. which bothered me.

    • Probably Why I get along better with guys in many ways. xx