Would you hire a babysitter that looked years younger than she was?

Would you hire a babysitter that looks younger than they are but has all the qualifications you wanted? I've been thinking about becoming a babysitter, I've got experience and I'm good with kids. I'm 19 but look 12 regardless of how I dress and at times I don't think people take me seriously. I want to get an idea of how it will affect me.


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  • Did the baby sitting thing for my nephew once and once only. Let him pour his own glass of milk at the age of 3. Turned my back and he dumped the gallon down the carpeted steps which had to be replaced.

    Older sister now tells me she won't let a 5 year old (me) take care of her 3 year old. lol


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  • Honestly, I'm 30 years old people still don't take my seriously.
    I really don't think people do until you're in your 40s.
    unless you're 30 working with teens (but in a career job when you're 20ish-30 you feel on the younger side of the ladder).

    Anyway, just represent yourself as an adult and don't let how old you look get to you.
    If you're worried about how old you look... you have a LOOONG way to go before you're the ages people usually take seriously.

    Don't let it get to you.


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  • I wouldn't care.


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  • If she was hot then yes I would