I do not like being different?

I have always felt like I was raised very, very differently than most women around me.
I had and still have very strict parents. Always had a curfew... was always focused on JUST school... did not drink as a teenager... smoke.. etc.

Now that I am an adult though, I wish I was more like everybody else. I am not a big dancer, like most girls are and can move their bodies. However, I am an outgoing person.
I do not like makeup. I would rather wear comfortable over fancy shmancy.

My parents raised me to be more of a lady and not be shaking my body everywhere as a teenager. Thus, I do not really dance lol.
My wedding is coming up and what I most nervous about is the fact that I will be expected to dance a lot with everybody.. wear a ton of makeup.. etc. My soon to be hunny loves me for exactly who I am, but I do not like how his sisters and other girls try to make me wear more makeup and expect me to dance all the time. I understand they are just trying to be fun, but I am just not comfortable.

Is this weird or something... ? Lol


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  • No you just were not brought up in it so it's an awkward thing for you

    • I feel like I was the only one brought up this way though.
      However, it really set my morals in place as well in some weird way.
      But now its just an awkward thing for me.. .

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    • Thank you :)

      We may not be rich at all, but we definitely are rich in love and that, I believe, is really all you need. When your woman supports you no matter what level you are in life, you will feel more inspired to be even better for her. Once you got that kind of support, like my man says, "he feels he can achieve anything".

      He has been in SUCH low points in life that it is just mind blowing. And as his partner, I never left his side and instead just kept motivating him.
      Now he is a well known cook in our community, when before he was a level 1 dishwasher making less than minimum wage.
      This is not me bragging haha, but I am sooo very proud of how far he has come and his friends never fail to tell me how shocked they are that I stayed by his side when he was making basically nothing. (I paid bills when we went out which was no problem because thats my man).
      And he treats me marvellously, too.

    • To bad there aren't more woman like you , if had someone like you in my life I would have probably done better and felt more motivated. So I guess your parents brought you up well and he is one lucky guy to have you by his side

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  • I was pretty much raised the same way. In addition, I was a tomboy until I hit puberty and realized that I was a girl. Up til this day, still prefer not to wear make up unless its a special occasion. Honestly, just be you. Your fiance loves you for who you are and that's all that counts.