I'm paranoid right now?

I know this has nothing to do with relationships, I'm sorry. But I'm up late and I'm scared about this. So my upper lip is dark right, so I searched for creams reading reviews and stuff when I came across this Laetitia Cream in the Philippenes. I looked at their reviews and they were posted in 2014, I looked at their Facebook, no posts later than 2015. I had a bad feeling in my gut but the reviews were really good and I thought of having lighter lips so I went online and used my visa gift card to order. I received the email from PayPal saying that my payment went out to Karlo Barredo. I searched him up and found a Facebook of a guy of the same name, and that's all I could find from his name. He claims to have gone to college in the US but he lives in the Philippenes. Do you think this was a scam? They seem legit, here's the link https://darklipstreatment.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout=theme1815:category&id=37&Itemid=101

Also, do you think this might've been dangerous since they have my shipping address?


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  • Honey this is OBVIOUSLY such a bad idea that I'm legitimately confused as to how you think this could possibly be a good idea.

    • I know I didn't know it was until after I payed