Is it possible to not have any problems?

While I had a few growing up (not feeling good enough, feeling alone, never letting people in)

I feel that through introspection and mindfulness I have amended ALL of these issues.

I told this to my sister and she thinks it's shit, and that I'm not as "put together" as I think (she's the opposite of me where she's got 100+ issues, is depressed, and in a co-dependent relationship)

Without lying I can 100% say I'm the happiest I've ever been in my entire life, my confidence is through the roof (self care and exercise) and I listen to my internal "pings" when I feel emotionally "off" or in distress most of which is fleeting and acute.

How to I explain that I honestly DON'T have any big/core issues that I haven't already fixed?


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  • Your problem is that you feel a need to explain this to her. You don't. Why did you even tell her this? It sounds pretty smug and self-satisfied. Do you think you are in some sort of competition with her. You aren't.

    • We were having a talk about our cousins (3 brothers who are very unhappy with their lives) and then the talk shifted over to us. When I told her that she acted like it was bs and that I don't know myself well enough to know my issues... something along those lines.

      Lmao there's no smugness or competition, she asked me.

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  • Everyone has problems at points in their lives but it seems like your in a place where you are able to handle more than you used to. There will always be ups and downs but you can't let it overwhelm you

    • I'm referring to deep seeded issues. Many feel like it takes decades to amend those and to feel happy and at ease, but I feel like I've done just that. Like I said, there will always be fleeting problems that are merely temporary, but overall I have no DEEP issues.

    • That's good :)

    • I'm just wondering if that is humanly possible? Do we need long lasting deep seeded issues to rectify? Is it possible to truly amend these issues?

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