She's a prostitute? waiting in red light area?

Ellie is a friend of my stepdaughter, my step daughter was born in 2004 and Ellie may be a year older or two not sure.

I heard from my girlfriend that she's had problems with school and started skipping classes early, her mother does not seem to care that much as long as she is not coursing problems on her door step and the father is abusent from some reason Orr other.

well I work late and have to drive thought an area that is populated with prostitutes it's a known red light area here and police patrol it sometimes. Last week I pulled up on a local one stop and I looked across the road and I saw Ellie. she was waiting in a telephone box looking like she was making a call but every time a car drove up the road she walked out and then back in well anyway I was about to walk over to her and ask if she was okay, when a car pulled up and she went to the drives window then climded into the front seat, the drive pulled off quick and drove off out of sight, well I left and I believed she was getting picked up by a friend or family member.

Last night I was at the one stop picking up some supplies again and she was stood in the phone box before I could get out of my car she had climbed into a different car then from before I was going to follow the car, but at the time I could get onto the main road the car was gone.

I decided to risk driving around and wait 25 minutes later I drove back down the road with the phone box and I saw her in my side mirrors (as the phone box has no glass on the rear and Dave away from the traffic) I turned off the road to make a U-Turn and drive back, but while the time I turned around and got back on to the road, I saw another car pull off and she had gone.

I waited by that phone box for her to return but she never did, I told my girlfriend and she said it could not have been her and she didn't believe me.

I had to delete some of the post because of the length, The police are trigger happy here I'm not going to hang around I seen a lot of people get arrested in that area and her mother is not that concerned what she gets upto, it turns out she had a few older boyfriends.


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  • Damn she needs some serious help.

  • Maybe you should inform someone

    • I would but who I'm keeping out of police reach on this one like I said police here are trigger happy with have a high arrest rate here.

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