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There is a guy I work with that works in a different dept then me and if I have have questions he helps me but rarely does that ever happen. We usually see each other in the break room or just around the building but it's just a quick wave or hi. If he does come over to with help me or someone around me, he jokes a lot and had everyone laughing but he's really busy so always on the go so can't stay very long. Lately when I've been seeing him around, he's been talking to me alittle more often and putting his arm on my shoulder while doing so. It's happened a few times so far. He also hugged me not long ago. Do you think he just being friendly? We both have SO's. What do you think?


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  • Sounds like he's got a bit of a crush on you, but hard to tell. He could be the friendly type. I'd keep an eye on him and see if his behavior starts picking up around you only and then you'll know

    • Ok thanks. Yeah, I just thought it was kinda different lately haha he's never been this talkative or "affectionate" I'll have to see

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  • From where I am sitting here, dear, it seems with this New Change of Direction... He might very Well, I can Tell, have a Bit of a Crush on you.
    Try Flirting with him a Bit more and See that if perhaps after the Door closes after Five... You both can't get Together and maybe Jive. Hang out, that is, Instead of Around the Water cooler.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thanks 😊

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    • 'never assume things you have no idea what they are'😊

    • Good analogy, hun..
      And thanks so much, I will. xxoo