How would you solve the Dark age of the Law?

This is a scenario that happens in Ace Attorney Dual Destinies. It's basically when the legal system was overrun with corruption.

Dark age of the law


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  • its already here man and we need a civil war. thats what they did when the east india trading company fucked shit up


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  • Come on it took an ENTIRE game to fix that. I got nothing... maybe some kind of fact checker...


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  • Kill all lawyers and judges and politicians

    • Go Assassin's Creed all over that. Lol.

    • @Valkyrie1
      Ass creed sucks,
      We are talking dishonored,
      Whispers, Revenge solves everything

    • What hold your tongue mortal! The first two games were awesome but then I got sick playing as a guy and Desmond was a pain the ass but it had potentional..

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