How can I help my wife through labor?

My wife is having twins in January. I asked her if she was scared or worried she said no. She seems to be really calm about it which is unusual for her. She said she's not scared of anything when she has me. She feels a lot braver with me around. How can I help her in labor?


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  • Have you guys done any birthing classes? This might be an opportunity to learn what to expect when she goes into labour. You can get tips on how to be a good partner for her during and before the labour and what things you can do to help during the birthing process.

    I think you are off to a good start wanting to be involved. Help get prepared, when it gets closer to the time, help pack a bag for when it's time. Make sure she has some clothes, a list of numbers to call to tell people you had the baby (maybe that can be your job after the birth). Help plan a "meet the baby" Party after the birth. Help be involved with getting things ready for the baby. That might include setting up the crib, painting the room, getting the clothes untagged and put away, cleaned. Organizing diapers, change table, etc...

    Good luck!


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  • BY being by her side. Just be careful to lay your hand on top of hers. Don't hold hands with her because you will regret it. Just be there for her and help be there for emotional support. The nurses are there for the medical support.

  • Just be there for her, hold her hand tell her you love her

  • How many wifes do you have?