Girls, what's a reason you might do this?

You're in a large group of people but, you happen to sit next to someone that makes you laugh, like, a lot. The group you are in is the band. You both play the same instrument. You're considered conventionally hot, but you're no model. One day in practice and or during the school day, you decide to wear a really short skirt (within school rules of course) but it's still pretty short. You can tell the guy that makes you laugh is kinda squirming around in his chair.

What do you think is going on with him... and, why would you do that sort of thing?


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  • well if u make her laugh, of course she'll want to sit next to u! funny people aren't always easy to find. maybe she considers u a friend.
    and she probably didn't think twice about what u were doing to be honest.

    • Why not

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    • by the way, this was a friend of mine (the guy), from 13 years ago, I was just wondering, cause I was thinking about it

    • Ya never know

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