What would you think about this situation?

If someone were to get up in the middle of class, take their bag, and walk out of class without the teacher saying anything to them, what would you assume about the situation? plus if this happened multiple times in a week and they didn't come back for the rest of that class period.
(I'm going to be doing this next year and I want to know what the other students will think I'm doing)


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  • Why do you care?

    • because people are going to ask me about it and I would just like to know what other people would think. call it curiousity.

    • You tell them it's none of their business

  • A girl gets away with it because it is assumed she is on her period and needs to changer her tampon or other feminine products. Where guys cannot do that and will get in trouble no matter how bad they may need to go


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  • It depends. If you don't look or talk to anyone while doing it, they might wonder but they won't really think too much about it.

    If you like I don't know glare at someone while doing it that's when they'd be like... hm

    • sorry, I don't really understand this response...

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    • i mean doing this frequently not a one time thing

    • Yeah of course people will wonder or think it's weird.

      But if you don't act like it's a big deal they won't either