What phone should I choose between the two?

I don't want to invest more in a phone so which one would you choose and why? The specs are very alike so I'd prefer some personal opinions :)

  • Samsung Galaxy J5
  • Asus Zenfone Laser 2
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  • You say you don't want to invest, but those are still semi-pricey. Hopefully you're getting them off an used place like Amazon or whatever. Buying a new phone is hardly ever a good idea, unless you like spending money.

    • Well, I don't want to invest more than that. I don't change my phone often but I really need a new one. Unfortunately amazon doesn't ship to my country, but thanks for advice!

    • If Amazon isn't an option then try the irulu brand of phone, which I have enjoyed for a while. It's about 100$ and has the same specs as those phones.

    • thanks!

Most Helpful Girl

  • The Samsung all the way because it is less likely to break and may have more great features on it. It competes with apple as the best phone so go for it.


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  • I'm not really into Samsung phones but it's surely better thn Asus.

    • Yeah, I thought so too. Thanks for your opinion!

  • Neither; get the iPhone.

    • I don't like iPhones at all but thanks for the advice!

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