What Mormon means?

Another word I see very often in GAG. Iโ€™m still learning after so many years hahahahaha.


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  • I grew up in the religion and I can say what they believe in. They are Christians as they do believe that Jesus Christ is their savior. Polygamy was part of the religion, but they have renounced it. I have my personal problems with the religion, but there are those that practice casually and those who are zealots, as with every religion out there. As far as I'm concerned, as long as they're doing good for people in the world, who the fuck should care about what they believe in. If you have questions, I'll answer them. Understanding, that I'm no longer in that faith.


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  • A Mormonn is a person who goes knocking on doors wearing a suit and tie.

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    • No they are pussies who wear all white

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  • It is a religion that sometimes claims to be christian affiliated. Mormons are mostly in Utah.
    They believe that Jesus, Satan, god are all brothers.
    Blacks are the Angels that rebeled against God, whites are pure and heavenly. Promise land is somewhere in america. they wear protective undergarments (some). They're dumb. Ryan gosling grew up as one. believe in polygamy. if you are a good whitey with good whitey wives you get your own planet in the afterlife. Founded by Joseph Smith a bloody con man in the 1800's (claim to see a fucking angel). Scripture is so fake, 19th century book written in 16th century language, oh come on! It's a bloody cult. I swear if those YouTube Mormon ads had a neck I would strangle them to death.
    Im glad I'm an atheist forreal

  • Moron is a religion like all others but I don't like it at all. I don't have any problem with any religion except of Mormon. They annoy me all the time. They knock on the door with a suit and a tie. When I go out they're always there stopping me on the road and everywhere


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