Why do people support transgenders so much?

This is a problem in America, it's growing and growing. Why do people support transgenders? I have a relatively high I. q. 115-130ish could be higher though I believe. I'm very open and understand a lot of things. I just don't understand transgenders, I can see cross dressers but come on changing your gender? Whenever I try to debate people their main argument is "That's there opinion, everyone has a different opinion. That's what makes America America." I'm sorry this line is wrong on so many levels. You can't have an opinion on your gender, you're born with it. There's some things in life for can't have an opinion on. Your gender is one of them. Anything is something that can be proven wrong. An opinion has multiple sides to it not just one. I hate ignorant people.
Why do people support transgenders so much?
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