How to tell ex you still have feelings for them, has anyone ever and how did it work out?

How do you tell an ex you still have feelings for them and wnt to try again possibly? Has anyone ever done this and how did it work out? I feel like i need to get it off my chest. He was someone whom I saw growing a life with and we were great with each other until he became stressed and closed off. After that he told me he felt like no connection/growing closer and didn't feel what he thought he should at that time in the relationship which I believe to be weird bc before it all happpend he was saying how amazing I was etc. he also said it was nothing i did wrong and it was him. Upon bu he initiated contact since then we have had sex a few times and its been 3months since bu last time we had sex was in July and now i see him everyday at a summer camp which is so hard bc we alwahys catch each other looking at one another so i see it still there. Anyway some nights texts work both ways and then other nights he won't answer like last night and he still hasn't read it. He stinks at texting for the most part. When we talked I said something that he said reminded him of himself bc thats something he would say. I believe us to be very similar and our relationship was great but believe to be cut short how do I tell him I want another shot possibly and still feel for him when I think he does too but might be scared or something?


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  • Don't bother and give up and move on. If you reconcile it won't last anyway. Successful couples don't break up


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