Do boys/men think beautiful girls/women are loose?

I feel as though I don't know about loose, but they do think that they are attention-seekers.

Which isn't fair because every single person seeks attention from others to an extent, but if the girl is even remotely good-looking, she's singled out.

I want to change my profile picture on facebook because I have a great picture of me but gut instinct tells me not to. I don't have a lot of friends so it will be like oh no one's even liking it she only uploaded it because she looked pretty etc.


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  • Loose as in? The only thing I've thought of beautiful girls / women is as getting more attention from men if the girl has even the slightest bit of "approachable attitude."

    As @Puppylove94 said, guys will expect pretty girls that are outgoing to be more experienced and we (as guys) may be surprised to find out she isn't. I don't pretend to know how those guys react, nor do I want to. We are all different, and should be treated as such.


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  • Honestly, I think a lot of guys do.

    Most guys are surprised that I'm a virgin because I look the way that I do... Implying pretty girls are looser or are more experienced.

    • I almost feel as though they think that pretty girls need the attention, as in they thrive off of it.

      Sometimes the girl wants to look good because SHE wants to look good, I don't think this is a concept males understand.

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  • It is typical in these modern times for pretty girls to be stereotyped into the idea by males that they are looser or more experienced because they are pretty or more attractive than the norm. Harsh, but realistic. In my personal opinion, you should put a picture on your facebook, which makes you feel good and ignore what others might say or think about it. It is your life. Your emotional state that matters. Of course, if you want to take the high road and follow your instincts, then don't change your picture. You know who you are and what you have and have not done. Accept the inner peace and confident that in of itself can give you.

    • Yeah I agree.

      Facebook is over-rated lol. I am so tired of social media.

      You know something I find interesting? I definitely think males find me more 'attractive' than women do.

      When I'm all dolled up I'm sure they both think I look good but on an every day basis with no make up on, I don't think the women think I'm that pretty, but the males treat me just as well as they would with or without make up/glamour etc.

      Is that normal? I think a part of it is also behaviour. I'm defensive and not very confident around women, but around boys that I respect I am much more friendly, smiling etc.

      I could look absolutely horrible sometimes and still not be remotely conscious around males but with women I take it for granted they're not going to treat me well if I don't look good or dress rich

    • Facebook is over-rated, I completely agree. I am getting so tired of social media myself, because people in this day and age are putting more and more importance on it instead of just interacting with people on an individual level.

      I'm not surprised by your revelation. I'm marvelously delighted by it. You must be a confident person and males will pick up on this even when you are not dolled up. Therefore they find you attractive regardless. Of course, the women aren't going to have the same feelings, because they may not be as confident in who they are, so they resent you.

      And since you are defensive around other women, but more confident around males you respect this is also coming across instinctively with others. So yeah, I agree, it is also behavioral.

      And don't feel badly about how you react around other women. Males do the same. We act one way around women, especially those we respect and a completely different way around other males.

  • I've never thought that


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