Why am I obsessed with popular people?

I think this dates back to my time in middle school. Where I was certainly pretty enough to have friends but had no sense of style. Or dress sense. And hung out with the wrong people.

Even as an adult I want to hang out with the cool kids. You know. Smart. Sociable.

And then when I stick to them and they treat me badly I delete them off of my Facebook and stop talking to them. A pattern of behaviour here.

I really, really need to learn how to cut people off not dramatically but internally.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Because you think you're less than these "popular" people. You probably don't respect yourself as much as you respect them, you thin they're better, and you are insecure, so you care what others think, and popular people's opinions tend to have more power than the rest, so being friends with them will get you the status you desire, a status you're not earning, but one that you're feeding from the popular ones.

  • You're just conditioned that way I guess that's a bad habit you have though.

    • I think it's worse in University because they're all really clever (the popular people)

      So I end up looking stupid

What Girls Said 1

  • Possibly because you give too many fuqs about social status and acceptance by others who may not even be right for you. You also seem to idolize people just for being popular and well known or well liked. Would you say that's true?

    • No not at all all the popular people are really smart and I am lately feeling inferior to them

    • You shouldn't be feeling inferior to any imperfect human being.

    • I think what makes it so much worse is that I have been obviously trying to act friendly towards them when it is apparent they don't want to be friends and likely see me as sucking up.

      I'm so so so embarrassed at my actions. I really wish I hadn't done any of those things