What is the best kind of chair for reading, one that let me have a good posture and feel comfortable at the same time while reading?

I spend lot of money on books and articles to read, so i spend most of my time reading, but as you can guess, back pain is a everyday thing, so...

When you usually read, what kind of chair do you use?

If you don't know the name of the chair, you can post an image


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  • I usually just lay in bed, on my bean bag, or on the floor against the wall with a bunch of cushions. But I don't read a lot.

    • The thing is that i'm more of a outside person, but at the same time i enjoy reading inside, so it's hard to keep a balance, so that's why im planning to buy a chair to read outside

  • I like chaise lounges; they keep you upright enough/slightly reclined, but are long enough where if you feel like reclining or lying down to read, you have that option too. Also, chaise lounges with a slight curve on the longer end are nice if you like to lie on your belly to read.


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