I haven't ever been so confused by a guy before... Can I Pleeease have some honest help?

I've been talking to a dude online for 1.5 months. Maybe a few times a week, sometimes only once. We have had conversations that have lasted overnight for hours and hours. I came on to him first because I knew of him from mutual friends of friends but he never knew of me. and his friends don't even know me. We get along well and I know he's interested in me, he has stated he thinks I'm very attractive and am super cool. The thing is, he won't meet me. He is SINGLE completely but he works all the time and is involved in the music business too. Last week I tried one more time and asked him to go for a walk (we live like 40 minutes apart) and he never responded. I messaged him twice after saying I'd appreciate to know if he actually wants to meet or not, again no response. Now, a week later, he invited me to one of his music shows over a Facebook invite. I haven't spoken to him since my last unread messages. He invited like 1/8 of his friend list, so he specifically must have selected me, yes? Why would he want me to come to that yet when I try to meet him otherwise he flakes? I get that he may be inexperienced with women and shy, maybe that's why he was on an online dating site... But come on! I know I caught his eye and he likes me, who would talk to a girl for >7 hours online more than once if you weren't interested? I don't get why he's behaving like this. Normally I can get any guy I want... It's really quite frustrating. I'm afraid if I go to this show hell ignore me or what if he is bothered that I went? Do some guys just need women to be hurled at them or what?


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  • You have 2 choices. Go and find your answers. Don't go and continue wondering forever. It's simple, really. After talking online for so long, what if meeting each other is anticlimactic and ruins things? That could be his fear, so by inviting you to the show, he's putting it in your hands, just do it. It's not like anyone will notice if he's ignoring you, you're just there for the show 😉


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