Am I over thinking this?

Long story short my birthdad is 1/2 Chinese I don't have anything to do with him or his family besides his aunt and her family and his cousin and her family other than that I've no other connections to him. I've known my entire life who my birthdad is and where I came from etc... I've tried to embrace being Chinese as much as I can I mean I don't know much about the culture or anything I would love to learn someday.

Anyway I've come to notice that whenever someone mentions anything about me being Chinese my parents become all defensive like "she's not Chinese she's full Irish" it's like their ashamed of the fact that I'm Chinese or something. I've an older brother who is also Chinese we share same birth parents his story with our birthday is completely different to mine tho he has some sort of a relationship with him and his family he always has. When it comes to my brother they don't become defensive if anything they embrace him being Chinese.

I just find it weird like why are they defensive about it


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  • It is a bit weird. I don't know why they would insist that your full blooded Irish when both you and them know that you are not. If it bothers you, talk to them about it and let them know that you embrace being part Chinese.


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  • Hmm, I think it's because he has a connection with your dad, they can't really deny his ancestry. You however they see as having no connection and thus they consider you fully Irish.

    • Sure I don't have a connection with him however I do with some of his family like I grew up knowing I was Chinese I was apart of his family somehow. Like my parents know that I want to know more about the culture and where I came from they never said anything about it. I just found it weird they way they reacted tonight like I never took notice of it before.

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