Should I join the military as an officer with my Bachelor's degree?

I'm considering joining the military with my bachelors degree which would automatically make me an officer. Through the program, I would complete about 6 years earning my PhD in psychology (funded by the military), then graduate and go to boot camp for only five weeks. Not only will they pay for my education under the contract, but they'll supply a monthly spending budget of just over $2,000. Even if I choose to stay in for only four years, I could earn my PhD in psychology and have the credentials to start my own practice and make a living in the 6 figure finance bracket.

What do you think? Do the pros outweigh the cons? What are some of the negative factors? Has anyone here joined the military with their bachelors degree as an officer? What was your experience like? Any tips or advice I'd need to know?

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  • It's not bootcamp.. it's OCS. All I can tell you about is the Marine Corps for that's been my only experience.. although I was enlisted. It's an extremely brutal process to earn your bars and they only want the best of the best. They don't care about your 6 figure income or false pretense motivational speech on how you want to serve you country. From the moment you sit down they will be testing you and your mental strength and how you react. They will want to see if you are cut out for it. Based on what I've seen I don't think you are that type of material.. you are extremely defensive and overly sensitive to people that oppose what you say. You are asking what they can do for you instead of what I can do for them which says a lot.

    You could try the Air Force or Navy.. they would most likely pay for your PHD. Even then it's a challenge. If you are trying to earn a free education.. there are better ways.. If you want to serve your country then go ahead and do it but choose Air Force/Navy.

    • "You are asking what they can do for you instead of what I can do for them which says a lot".

      No, you are making a false, inaccurate assumption about what I think deep down and I don't appreciate the undertone of you making my character seem questionable. Discrediting my potential as a potential military member as a stranger who doesn't know me is rude. Just because I didn't utilize this brief post to express what I can do for the military or spend time here showing how I can aid the military does not mean I'm simply asking what they can do for me with no interest in how I can help them.

    • So you've been watching me as I interact with others on the internet?

      I have no problem with anyone opposing my opinion so long as they do so with respect. I don't tolerate disrespect, I'm upfront when I've lost interest in someone's presence, and I don't spend my free time dealing with chore-like personalities of strangers online. It's not a matter of being defensive but asserting what I will and will not accept from people I have zero obligation to during my time of leisure. What you've inaccurately perceived as sensitivity is my low tolerance for bullshit.

      My time is precious so strangers online, who have no real significance in my life, get so many chances to waste my time and energy before they don’t anymore.

  • As a vet I can tell you you'll never regret it

  • Do it, my dad went to college and never paid a penny for it, he loved the work too

    • Mine too! He's always saying that military is a good route if you want a certain degree and need a certain level of education but I've been hesitant about going because of all the crazy wars going on these days

    • Join the Air Force its the best choice for you

    • Great recommendation! That's what I was planning on :)

  • A Bachelor's degree doesn't make you an officer, it makes you a specialist which is basically the same thing as a Corporal. If you want to be an officer you need to do OCS...

    • Tomateo-Tomatto. I wrote the post when it was late lol excuse my lack of technicality

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    • If you were getting a direct commission for being a lawyer, medical doctor, pharmacist, dentist, veterinary, etc. it's one way to get out from under enormous debt. It's easier to just get a job in those areas and pay your debts though and move on with your career. Entering as a junior non-com basically puts you in a Humvee driving around waiting to hit a IED unless you MOS has something to do with computers/communitcations.

    • Thank you

  • You should get a PhD in engineering or biology and make well over 6 figures.

  • yes join

  • What country's military? Because what you describe does NOT happen in the US armed forces, other than for medical doctors.

    • Yes, it does. Someone I know just went through this program and graduated with her masters.

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