Has anyone used the Samsung wireless charger?

Has anyone used the Samsung wireless charger before? I'm just wondering how it works? Someone was telling me it needs to be plugged in?


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  • The base needs to be plugged into a wall because that's the power source and te phone itself is just set on top. Charges hella fast 👍🏻

    • Is the point of having it is so that it charges faster?

    • No cords plugged Ito the phone lmfao. The fast charger that most samsungs come with now charge hella fast though. My note 5 goes from 20 to 100 in about 45 minutes

    • But what is the point of having it if you need to plug base into wall lol.

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  • My daughter used it for a while. It uses magnetic induction to generate a current in the phone which charges the battery. She stopped using it for some reason, I don't know why. I think her phone charged slower that way.


    • At the moment I'm struggling to see the advantage