Does anyone know this song? No cheating by looking it up, I will know I have my ways lol?

1738 I'm like hey what's up hello...


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    • I typed no cheating!!! cheater cheater pumpkin eater lol

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    • All I do is study when I have classes, I dont sleep haha

    • Ha ha. I never heard anyone but myself say "Cheater cheater pumpkin eater." Cool.

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  • I definitely don't know it. I even looked it up on google (Trap Queen) and I didn't recognize the song. I'm more of a rock/metal kind of guy so this is way outta my usual range of music selection 😅 I'm not a big fan of rap.

    • Me either but it got stuck in my head really quick. Every time I think I wanna say "1738... I'm like hey what's up hello" but I stop myself. I'm more into pop like "Don't Let Me Down" and rock like "Bohemian Rhapsody"

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