My buddy is going into chem core army and he got gassed, before he went in though he said "Oh I heard this is where the showers were"?

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  • LoL yes it is funny, having been in boot camp myself this is called a confidence chamber. They douse a small sealed up room with heavy doses of tear gas while you stand there with your equipment in your hands. You choke, gag, puke, snot, and tear up (literally any excretion that can come out of your mouth, eyes, or nose is coming out) and it also gives you 1st to 2nd degree chemical burns on any exposed skin. You have to control your breathing and physical "sick" reactions and wait for the Drill Instructor to go down the line of recruits and ask a question, if you can answer correctly you can don your mask and leave soon after to get an immediate shower to wash the chems off of you. If you can't answer the question, then he bypasses you and moves on to the next recruit returning back to you only after everyone else has been asked said question. So you get to burn and sick all over yourself and the place until he comes back.

    FUN TIMES!!!

    • Oh and this has nothing to do with Obama, my boot camp days were back in 1994. It's standard training for a soldier. It wasn't funny then, but it is now that I look back on it. In theory, if you can control yourself and acclimate to the situation, standard tear gas will have little to no effect on you at any point after.

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    • Well it was the Navy, so...

    • Nah it was army chem corp, but it was all officers lol

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  • Fuckin hilarious!

    But I was a grunt, and grunts have what most people would probably consider a twisted sense of humor.

    • He's an officer ;) and its not just grunts lol, us firefighters, police officers and pretty much all med professionals have dark humor, but more power to ya man.

    • I remember that from my days working corrections at the sheriff's office. Cops are almost as bad as military men. They have to be a touch more PC, though, which sucks.

    • You should see firefighters on their way to a multi death crash. As long as there's no kids involved jokes are flying off the walls.

  • You mean the Chemical Corp the branch of the army that defends agaisnt chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear weapons?

  • No, not really.

  • Dark humor is not always aopreciated.

  • Not that funny, but it could probably get a

  • I get the reference but it wasn't really funny.