Cutting is bad, but how would you stop if?

We all should know that cutting yourself is bad, but how do you stop if you are addicted to the pain?
I have not cut in a few months now, and I regret cutting, who wouldn't after its done... but I still get the urge to sometimes, I always manage to pull myself together and to stop the thoughts and not to do it, but I don't want to think about it any more. and I try so hard, its just when something really bad happens I get so emotional and my mind runs wild, thinking about a lot of stuff. I don't want to, I want to don't want to be "better" bc I have gotten better, I want to be "great" and not even have the thought of it anymore. how would you handle this? what would you do? how would you help the person who feels this way?

(I know I'm probably going to get a lot of shit asking this)
Thanks everyone


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  • You're doing an amazing job. You've identified that what you did wasn't good and are actively striving to improve yourself. You just gotta stay strong and find a more productive way of solving problems

    • Well I'm 17, and I have been homeschooled for almost 10 years now, I have been out of actual school since second grade, I had no contact with any of my friends I use to have for almost 9 years, my mother never let me go out and meet people and I was home almost 24/7 except for when we went shopping etc. I got very lonely, and depressed, and I even thought I was ugly.. even with me being fit, I hated my face and such, only thing I did like was my blue eyes. I was a bad child growing up, so my mother lost trust in me, and when I did change for the better she still does not believe me/trust me. so I get in trouble even when its not my fault many times, all that I never saw my life changing and I thought to myself "who could ever love someone like me" so I started cutting, a cross on my arm, and a heart on my hip, and I always went for those two spots (also some on my wrist, but that's only a few times)

    • now that I'm a bit older my mother has let me have fb etc, and I got into contact with many of my old friends and I have been able to go out a BIT more, and I have made some new friends, very few people know that I have hurt myself, really none of my family... mainly friends, they had me promise not to do it anymore, so I stopped, and I'm doing better, but I want to do even more, even to try to stop the thoughts

    • just this last year (2015) I have been able to do more, and have gotten better, just this last year I started opening up a bit more of my problem

  • best way is having close friends you can rely ion to be there for you when you start feeling like you need it, have people you can talk to and make your self busy

    • yea I try, and I do, but honestly I don't really want to bug friends about it. bc I don't want them to think I'm wanting attention

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    • thanks again, sweet of you

    • no worries :)

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