Are scientists really that dumb to believe that serotonin is the cause of depression?

I'll be flat out honest.
I am depressed.
I am majorly depressed.
Okay, maybe lack of serotonin MIGHT be the case for some people.
But you can't possibly come and tell me that due to a chemical - my emotions are running amock. That is some of the biggest bullshit I have ever heard.
I'm depressed because of the reality that I'll never be anything. That I don't matter, and never will, to anyone; and that I won't amount to anything because I could easily be replaced and forgotten.
And I am also depressed about the reality that we live in in such a horrible world.

Yes, loss of serotonin in my body is DEFINITELY the reason why I'm depressed and DEFINITELY a dose of it will make me happy go lucky again! Please note the sarcasm.


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  • Statistically there is very little link between life situation and depression.

    You live in the same world everyone else does.

    You are depressed because of how you perceive it.


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  • This isn't the only explanation for everyone. You sound like you've only talked to one psychiatrist that's told you this (not all psychiatrists/therapists are good; you need to find someone that works well with you).

    Some people are actually chronologically depressed. So yes, their chemical levels are actually skewed, and taking the right medication would help these people. Whereas other people like you, medication (serotonin for example) might help boost self-motivation, help you feel less down about things that would normally put you down, etc. Keep in mind that medication also isn't the only answer, at all.

    I'm not a doctor or scientist, but this is how I understand it.

    • Thanks for that input.

      I haven't actually talked to a single psychiatrist though. I'm worried to do that. A friend of mine said she did and he was horrible to her, making her feel like she's crazy and as if she hurt someone or caused someones death. And especially if it's someone willing to shove pills and whatnot in me. I am scared as all hell to see any doctor.

    • I totally understand. Just keep in mind that, again, you need to try many doctors until you find one you like, that works well with you. Some doctors are medication-bent (they think they can solve anything with pills), some are anti-medication. You just got to find a doctor you like, that makes you feel cared about as a patient, and makes you feel like they're helping you in some way.

    • Yeah.. thanks.

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  • It's more complicated than that.
    Much more complicated.

    • It is complicated.
      I honestly hope they don't expect me to believe that some chemical or medicine that they inject in me can possibly push away human emotions. We dont even know HOW we are able to feel or what emotions even are, let alone creating something to somehow ''push'' them away?

    • Maybe you'll understand it, in 10 years or so. Possibly more, maybe never.

  • I'd think they are more qualified to say than anyone else.


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  • Please don't mock something that you haven't tried. The goal of medication to treat depression is not to make you happy go lucky, if your did that to you, you're on the wrong medicine. The goal of any antidepressant is to regulate the level of certain chemicals in your brain. Personally, my meds cleared a bit of the negative chatter so I could take responsibility for my life and stop spinning my tires in the mud.

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