Lowest act of the Olympics so far?

The Olympics is usually full of positive stories, but every time there are bound to be some low acts which happen

Which ones stick out for you? For me it's the Egyptian Judu competitor who refused to shake hands after losing, and the Brazilian diver who just loved the D so much that she couldn't say no to a sex bender the night before competing.

Other low acts that I know of are
- British cyclist Mark Carpenter threatening to sue journalist after questioning him about big crash he caused

- Behamas 400m runner diving at finish line, I'm not sure if this is low or not, but hopefully they change the rules.

And feel free to add any which I might have missed.

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  • Brazillian sex bender
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ADD the Brazilian fans booing someone receiving a medal.


Most Helpful Girl

  • www.buzzfeed.com/.../she-has-a-name

    This had me pretty pissed. I mean I know buzzfeed is pretty feminist crazy and most stuff kind of bugs me but like really. Don't even name her? She's just "wife" now.

    • Yeah that was pathetic. Journalist and newspapers are just getting more lower sadly.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Hope Solo calling the Swedish women's team a "bunch of cowards" after losing to them. Man, she's salty AF.

    • Oh yeah I forgot about that.

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What Girls Said 1

  • Absolutely the handshake story.

    • I agree, it was either that or the sex one

What Guys Said 2

  • The Bahamas runner who dive to win the race was amazing

    • Really? I'm sort of divided on it, but I don't think runners should finish like that.

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    • In running the person whose torso crosses the line first wins. So even if your leg crosses the line first but another running torso crosses before yours, they will win the race.

    • I know it's in the rules but not really the spirit

  • Judu handshake