I saw my ex bff twice today at the campus tour, how do I deal with that?

So, campus tour is where you're going to a new school and you find where all your classes are. And... I ran into my ex bff that betrayed me and hurt me pretty bad. I also don't want to run away from my problems by avoiding people I dislike.


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  • Actually, from my point of view, you're not "running away from your problems when you avoid people you dislike". You're simply not letting negativity into your life, which is positive for your happiness. I cut people off once they become a negative influence on my life or happiness. I'm just someone who enjoys a drama-free life, not needing to spend mental energy thinking about how to deal with other people, or what other people think, less stressed.

    • "i'm just someone who enjoys drama-free life. . ." I need to be around with people that I can be happy with.

    • Exactly. Not poisonous friendships with people, not back-stabbing communication-lacking drama filled toxic friendships. Loyal friends who are honest and there by your side and wonderful people. That's who I find my happiness with.

    • Same here, after 8th grade i've realized I''ve done a lot for a lot of people and it was about time to do something for me. I thought I'd never find happiness. But the thing is.. I don't need a BIG family to find happiness. I've got me and my mom. I don't need.. a guy in my life just to keep me happy.. I've got my friends <3 and I also don't need haters in my life because they are dying to be me. :)

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