Do you have to earn your ambitious ideas/complexity?

Okay, so I've always been someone who aims for the moon but can barely make it 30 feet off the ground and I've always been conjuring up ideas that are well beyond my skill level, what I can afford, what is offered and everything else that is realistic/unrealistic.

And I have slowly been downsizing and simplifying to something that can work for a number of reasons - mainly watching my friends preform and thinking to myself why aren't I up there with them, seeing what is available (small venues with little to no pay requires a simple setup) and doing spoken word/dramatic reading performances making me want to be up there even more with an instrument.

But this question popped into my head and what I mean by it is do you have to earn your creative ideas not in terms of just skill but financially and socially (you need the money to pull off the idea but you also need the support or you'll have no where to play)

So unless you have all 3 where you want them to be (have the skills to play the type of songs you want to play, have the money to use the type equipment you want to use, and have the fan base to preform the type shows/venues you want to preform) you're left with no choice but to compromise and find out what you can do at this very moment in order to progress to where you want to be.

***I had a really awesome conversation with this guy who had my dream car (71 Challenger RT) at a car show about a month ago... we talked for a good hour about all kinds of stuff and we were comparing music (mainly guitar) to cars - I told him about my friends preforming & he told me about guys working on cars for 20 years just so they could get it right. And this is what he said "It's just not your time yet. Some of these people you see and some of your friends are not putting in the work so nothing will come of it, there's a lot of attention to detail that needs to be done otherwise at best you'll be a flash in the pan... you just got to be patient and keep working at it."



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  • I think I am a lot like you, having a lot of GREAT IDEAS, on 'Paper' but not being able to make them happen!! Some of it is money, a sponsor; sometimes it is just that the idea seems good, but really isn't to potential investors!
    I've had a LOT of what I thought were GREAT ideas, but my cousin, a REAL business guy, kind of just dissected every one of them, and crushed my spirit to try to suggest another!!
    I think it is an idea, and knowing someone, and money, that makes GOOD things happen!!

    • Yeah money is important and knowing the right people but also having the know how and skil in order to pull them off are equally important as well.

      In my case I just want to create something I'm proud of and be able to preform it live.

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    • He's family, and he is a little 'Judgemental' and I think he wants me to do something, or suggest something, (he said to write a REAL Business Plan, which makes me think he might consider one or more of my ideas, if I can present them, as a REAL Business, and Investment Opportunity!!
      I think he wants to help, but I also think he doesn't think that I know what I am doing, even with a BS and an MBA!!
      I think he is one of those kinds you kind of have to PROVE EVERYTHING to, before they respect you!!

    • But his opinion doesn't determine if a business will be successful or not... Your actions and choices do.

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  • Yeah in a way you do

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