Are contacts signed with bogus companies valid and legally binding?

I know it is different for each country, but I don't think there's a huge difference when it comes to obligations and contracts law.

Anyone here familiar with the law on ObliCon?


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  • A valid contract needs to be created with consent of both parties.
    Consent is void if it was gained via fraud , undue influence or without full mutual intentions.
    I assume you wouldn't know it was a bogus company, in which case your minds were not met and you couldn't have given consent.

    You also obviously can't be legally bound to a contract that is illegal in any of its parts.
    This means that you can't sign a contract or an agreement that stipulates you waive your right to overtime pay or any other benefits and requirements set by law.

    • Yes, she didn't know it was a bogus company at the time the contract was executed.

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