Am I shallow or is everyone thsi way?

i love my cat just because he's fluffy and cute. i wouldn't any more if he turned into a dog or an iguana. indeed i love all cats just becasue of how they look. am i shallow?

it's a fun question. like a troll except that it's actual purpose is overt


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  • Everyone's shallow as far as I'm concerned except maybe a blind person, but even a blind person would probably be attracted to the sound of a voice or the way it feels to touch someone.

    A blind person simply wouldn't be shallow solely in terms of the sense of sight since they lack it, but they'd still likely be shallow in other ways.

    To me shallow is normal. I'm actually more concerned about those who say personality is the primary basis of attraction and physical attraction doesn't matter in the slightest. In that case I wouldn't understand why they even have a sexual orientation, since a guy who only judges a love interest by personality alone should be capable of falling in love with either a guy or a girl.

    • yeah that is all true, but read the details

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    • that was a fun question. now i'm sorry i wasted your time. but yeah what you said is what i say when people tell me a good woman won't mind my height because it's just how i look. so then there wouldn't even be a sexual orientation since the only way to tell someone's gender

    • I realized it was probably a rhetorical/fun question. :-D I just like to go with the idea that everyone is probably shallow to some degree. The fortunate thing is that everyone tends to have different tastes and a different range of types of people they can be physically attracted towards. As long as a person fits in that range, usually they'll start to become appreciated for other qualities like personality.

  • Everyone would be shallow then haha.

  • yeah you are a little bit, but most of the people are so dont worry