In your opinion, what is the real reason for the appearance of ISIS?

in my opinion, there are many reasons not only one.
one of them is ( america supported radicals to destroy many Arab countries then started to slay them one after another when it found that radicals turned against it)


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  • I am almost sure that they receive secret funding from some well-known, rich country which is 'pretending' to be a 'good' country. Or maybe it's a group of countries. It's all an insider job. Looks like a bunch of people were supplied weapons, and asked to wreak havoc. And from then on, people were brainwashed into joining the Islamic State.

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    • got us by the balls. If Saudi Arabia turns of the oil tab, western countries might as well roll over and die. Saudi Arabia also has tons of money, which is why western countries like trading with them.
      And finally, you're underestimating Daesh and its funds. They control large parts of Iraq and Syria. They've got oil fields. This is not just a couple of idiots going amok, it's a billion-dollar enterprise (which is part of the reason they're so dangerous).

    • @BlueCoyote

      Great insight and analysis!

  • The reason for the existence of daesh (ISIS) is first and foremost the US and it's horrible foreign policies. This goes back all the way to the 1950s when America first started interfering in the middle east. Back then, a socialist guy called Mohammad Mosaddegh became the democratically elected prime minister of Iran. He was massively popular among the Iranian people, however the US and some European countries hated him. The reason for this hatred was that Mosaddegh also happened to be mildly nationalistic. He was against the exploitation of domestic resources (such as oil) by the western powers. Instead, he wanted to buy up all the oil and gas companies (similar to what Venezuela did in the 2000s) and distribute the wealth among his people (similar to what Norway does). America obviously hated this idea because the US viewed Iran as some kind of self-serving restaurant where you can just go and take stuff and make lots of money with it. So in 1953, the CIA staged a coup d'├ętat to remove Mosaddegh from power. Just to be clear: this is not a conspiracy theory. The CIA has opened its files a couple of years ago and all of this can be researched and is a proven fact.
    Like in many, many other countries (Chile, South Korea, Honduras etc.), the US turned Iran into a dictatorship and installed an American-friendly puppet-dictator as head of state. This dictator strictly followed American interests and fucked up the country so badly that the Iranian people revolted in 1979 and created the theocratic system under Khommeni that is still in place today. It would take too long to go through the whole history of the middle east now but this was the important starting point when America began messing up the middle east. These horrible policies were later continued in the two golf wars. During the whole cold war, America trained former enemies to fight against the Soviet communists. These fighters were no others than the Taliban. They later turned against America again and this time they even had modern American weapons instead of hay forks and wooden bats.
    ISIS was created through the extreme turmoil and misery brought upon the entire middle east by American politics in that region during the past 60 years. Not only has America fucked up the whole place, it has also continually sought the wrong allies. Allies such as barbaric Saudi Arabia. And countries that were once considered highly progressive, liberal and educated (such as Iran) were turned into bitter enemies.

    • And just to avoid any misunderstandings: this is not meant as America-bashing. I don't have anything against America as a country or Americans (people). I just have something against American politics.
      I freely admit that my country Switzerland does fucked up things do in this matter, such as weapon deals with Saudi Arabia (despite officially proclaiming its neutrality). I find that horrible too.

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