What's more difficult in your opinion (whether you've done either or not)?

Rhythmic gymnastics or ice hockey

Reason I ask is because the next movie disney is doing, is about how a girl and a guy switch sports, to see who has it tougher, the girl becomes the hockey player and the guy becomes the rhythmic gymnast.

They both look pretty tough, but i got to go with hockey, just because it's really physical, and can cause concussions or sometimes even death. i dont know if anybody has ever suffered concussions or died in rhythmic gymnastics


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  • I know what movie you're talking about. The one with Dove Cameron. I see what you're saying about hockey, health wise, I think hockey would be tougher. However, in general, i think the rhythmic gymnastics would be harder because it's not like it's the same routine every time. For hockey, there's just one goal: get the puck thing in the net. You're also with a bunch of other people that have your back if you mess up. However with the gymnastics, you constantly have to come up with new routines. And from what I've seen, judges are extremely nit picky. So if you mess up even a little, you automatically lose points. And I'm pretty sure you're performing by yourself, so it's all on you. Plus you have to be able to do different tricks and stunts and be flexible. It just depends on how you look at it. As far as rhythmic gymnastics being dangerous, I'm sure you could trip and break your leg or something.


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