I honestly feel like asphyxiating this snorer?

I fucking hate them. I've had 2, maybe 3 hours of sleep and I've been woken up by this fucking prick who's snoring like a moose.

I'm honestly at wits end with him.

Why do do people use hostels if they know they snore, why can't they fuck off. I hope he chokes.


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  • What do you think he should do? Sleep in the woods?

    • He can die for all I care. Sleep in a bin, etc... No respect for other people in the dorm.

    • People do not have control over their snoring.

    • Yes they do, of course they do.

      When someone lets them know they snore, they can do something about it.

      I've just woken up, it's 10am... I feel like absolute shit. I'm probably going to have to sleep some more and therefore waste more of my day.