We are always ignorant about somethings in life (not knowing everything), so why is to so hard for some people to keep an open mind?

For instance if I see someone dressed in their traditional clothing from their country, I don't make fun of them for it. If I see a name that is different, I don't go "what a stupid ass long name." If I hear someone speaking a different language, I don't think "They sound so stupid."

If I were to see anything or hear anything I did not understand, I don't make fun of them for it. I think that if you keep an open mind, you are respecting the people around you.


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  • Because we don't have to. There isn't anything holding someone back from saying those things. Hell they might even get a laugh out of it so why would they stop enjoying themselves to keep you content?

    • You don't have to be nice or kind to anyone. You can behave with people however you may want, but having respect for others shows what kind of person you really are.

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    • Oh, alright. There is an incentive though (gaining respect from others, becoming a like able and emotionally intelligent). But I guess not everyone is going to care.

    • Probably shouldn't have said we in my first comment.

      I personally believe they aren't aware of how their words will be taken. I have hopes that if they knew, they would care.

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  • I guess but some people just look at them as strange or don't understand it

  • Fully agree with you: some people can be increadibly stubborn in considering their culture and their way of thinking as the only right thing in the world :-(
    Whereas you get so much respect and friendship from people if you respect them and are open to learn about their culture :D


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