Does he actually love me?

The guy that I am dating is in the military and just got back a couple of days from a 5 month deployment overseas in the military and I am so excited that he is back. He does not know that I know he is back because I have not talked to him in about 4 weeks. Our relationship is very complicated he is only stationed in my city so he is always leaving but we try to have a normal relationship. We try to hang out as much as we can but half of the time we are too busy he does not care how much time we have to spend together whether it is just 5 minutes or enough to get a hug as long as he gets to see my face and know that I still like him. I really like him because he is the only guy I met that does not want sex and he loves me for who I am as a person. We were going to break up before he left because he does not think that I will be able to wait all of this time for him to come back and does not want to lose me for another guy. I told him i will wait for him to come back and I am not going anywhere. We agreed that when he came back we both were going to spend more time together and try to be in an actual relationship together. When he was gone overseas it was hard because we did not have a way of communication I had to message him first because he was so busy on the ship and we went without talking for a month. He messaged back a month later telling me he did not have any connection on the ship and asked me where we were going to hang out at when he cam back. We have not talked to each other in 4 weeks. I do not want him to know that I know he is back because I want to see where his heart is and if he is still wanting to be with me so I am going to let him make the first move and message me letting me know that he is back in town and letting me know where he wants to hang out. At the same time I really want to talk to him and I am getting paranoid because what if he takes the 4 weeks of me not messaging him as I am mad at him and not wanting to be with him? Advice?


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