How do I learn to not compare myself to people?

I start getting insecure when someone is smarter than me.

It eats at me really.

Why am I like this?


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  • Oh my that is an odd trait to find in a woman, normally it's men who are eat up with Alpha syndrome who think they must be right at all times and in all matters.

    Over achiever,. Type A personality, and a bit of a control freak.

    This is common enough in men but the same rules apply regardless of gender.
    Your age category indicates you are still in young adult life, so either college or work. Either way I would bet that you work your butt off to prove your superiority over others.

    Personally I think its awesome that you have this trait, just dont let it stress you out. Even if you are smarter than 99% of the world, you will still be concerned about the about the 7 or so million that are still smarter than you.
    The problem with a superiority complex is that you will always be threatened in a career cause you have to work your way up the ladder to the top. Once there you will begin to notice others as talented as yourself doing to same so the cycle will start again.

    I would say get something for anxiety and rule over the ones that you are smarter than lol


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  • just starts with believe in yourself, you are special and never be compared with others. find a thing that make you special and unique from other people , example, you can dance/ you can actually baking or even you have a great taste in TV shows/movies or shoes. Then focus on that, people will regconize you as what you believe and promote others about your specialty


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  • human nature.

    • Is it really?

      I don't think it's as strong in other people as it is with me

    • maybe or they care about other things.

  • Ur a perfectionist, most likely

    • Not really.

      I think I'm an all or nothing person.

      I'll pull all-nighters for school and it will seriously bug me if someone does better.

      And sometimes I just don't care.

      The problem with this kind of inconsistency is that of course people are going to be better because they might not be THAT smart but they're consistent.

      Plus I know I am a clever girl and almost feel like I should be working harder when I watch them

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  • yeah same, makes me feel like shit and I know it's hard but u gotta just focus on self-improvement rather than other people's progress. Everyone has their own pace