How can I stop being afraid of males?

i'm very short so imy life has been a costant beating ever since i was 15. but now i'm afraid of males even when little suggests they would attack me and somethimes. therapy is way too expensive for me. what can i do? i just don't trust myseelf to approach a guy even if i must and whenever i need information or anything men are the only folks i could turn to since women wouldn't talk to a short male no matter for what. so how do i overcome the infoluntary reflexes i have upon seeing a male person?


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  • Not everyone is out to physically hurt you.
    I would suggest joining a club or sound volunteer work so you can get exposure to different types of people.
    The more you're around others and see they aren't out to hurt you , the more you will progress and evolve as a person.
    You may even surprise yourself and form a few friendships with those you wouldn't think in a million years.
    Of course the process will take some time.
    It will only work with your effort and being willing to step outside of the box and comfort zone.

    • *some volunteer

    • i know not everyone is out there hurt me, that's the point. well i will look around. apparently i don't have the requirements for volunteering but maybe there's some free club out there

    • Yes :) keep an open mind.

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  • Uhh are you like 2ft tall cos otherwise I think this is just bullshit in your head I'm 5'4 and have no problems.

    • i'm 5'2" to be optimistic gleaming-hot iron pressed onto my skin isn't in my head. sorry honey. and sorry i don't live in the usa

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  • Just for reference, how short are you? This might all be in your head

    • lol i'm a walking scar

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    • Ah, I see. Well still, you're hardly a walking freak show. You're just below average

    • the scars i gained by gleaming hot iron. that's what i meant by walkng scar. i'm all covered

  • You need to get a sense of confidence to defend yourself whenever you are threatened. I took martial arts, got really good, never had to use it and no one steps to me incorrectly.

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